How to Get Custom and Aesthetic Folder Icons for Your Macbook?

Okay. Let’s straighten this out. You want to have that organized look on your MacBook desktop. But you also want a dash of aesthetics to give it a little life. Is this how you feel when you see those plain, pre-set folders on your MacBook homescreen? You know what? You are not alone. So the […]

Best Tips for Your MacBook Homescreen

Have you ever wondered how you can personalize your MacBook homescreen’s appearance? Or have you always wanted to upgrade your MacBook aesthetics but have no idea how to get this done? Remember, there can be a lot of things to take in if you are a new user so it helps to take things one […]

Stylish Calendar

Calendar Wallpapers for your iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Have you been forgetful of important appointments? Missing out on special occasions? Or suddenly being dragged by a friend to a hangout that was planned a week ago? You’re probably having a hard time keeping up with all the dates, aren’t you? You know what, you’re not […]

How to change your Macbook folders?

If you like the magic of iOS 14 in personalizing iPhone and iPad, your Macbook could use some of that spark too! We feel you. Personalizing your iPhone and iPad devices is a fun and adventurous experience. But have you ever thought of changing the icons in your Macbook folders too? If you think this […]

iPhone, iPad, and Mac Wallpapers

Wallpapers attract our sensibilities. You may be using an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, and at the same time, you are yearning for something cool. Something irresistible, yup! We know how bad you love custom designs.  Who would not love to see their favorite color palettes in every way they desire, anyway?  Our taste in modifying […]


Customize and declutter your desktop with minimalist folder icons, wallpapers & organizers. Style Kit™ has everything you need to make your desktop homescreen aesthetic AF! Switch out your standard blue desktop, PC and Macbook folder icons to a variety of aesthetic colors and themes. Compatible for all your devices, Style Kit™ will help you get […]